Grinders / Shredder Systems

Vibration Monitoring System for Critical Machine Components

The TRAKKER System can be installed on Shredder and Grinder machinery to assist in preventing catastrophic machine failures, to maximize efficiency of day to day usage, and provide predictive intelligence that will assist in the timely scheduling of both maintenance and repair.

Know when machine failure is imminent

A grinder that is manually fed by a front end loader (such as a tire grinder) may start to make very loud noises if blades are dull, or if the machine has been overloaded by dumping too much material.

While a significant amount of noise may be produced by doing this, a machine operator of the loader may never hear it, due to wearing mandatory hearing protection and other additional ambient noise in the area. TRAKKER can provide immediate feedback to the driver of the loader, with flashing lights and/or buzzers. The grinder can also be automatically shut down by the TRAKKER system if the vibration readings begin to trend higher, saving the machine from extensive damage.

Preventive Maintenance - Know exactly what to do and when to do it.

With the TRAKKER System, the software can precisely determine the correct time to sharpen or replace teeth in the machinery. This eliminates guess work and will maximize the useful life of the machine shredder and grinder surfaces. The calculations that TRAKKER will do in this case is fairly simple. As electricity usage increases from worn shredder and grinder surfaces, the electricity (current draw) will increase. If you know the cost to replace the teeth and/or blades, then when the point comes that the increased operating costs exceed the replacement cost of the shredder or grinder surfaces, the TRAKKER system will alert the operator. Since the TRAKKER system has multiple set points, the operator will know that the system is approaching a maintenance point which will insure that the maintenance is scheduled around critical work periods.

Specific Sensors we typically use on a Shredder or Grinder Application

  • Vibration sensors

    these can sense a problem in the machinery that can be the result of worn teeth on the cutters, a bad bearing or insufficient lubrication, or another mechanical problem.
  • Current Transformers (CT)

    will sense if the draw of power is above normal and can also indicate the blades need to be serviced.
  • Temperature

    Higher temperature on the motor can indicate either a problem with the motor, or on a connected bearing or gearbox. The coinciding data from vibration sensors will also give clues as to what the problem is.
  • Throughput Weight

    Hoppers generally have stops which constantly weigh the material being processed at each stage of separation; such as at a magnet stage where metal is removed. TRAKKER can monitor material weight at various stages with Load Cells - transducers that translate the force load (weight) into an analog signal.