Trakker Data Acquisition and Control

The Trakker System gives you a complete picture of the status of your facility and all of the machinery inside it — and will control and monitor everything.

A new era of automation, efficiency and higher profits.

What Manufacturing Facility Owners are Currently Facing

With rising energy and labor costs, as well as the ever-present challenge from overseas manufacturing options, facility operators are always looking for ways to be competitive and efficient.

In order to maintain up-time on critical equipment, larger companies have been implementing computerized systems to log vibration data from machinery. These are known as...

Predictive Maintenance Program (PMP) Systems. They collect operational data, and then make empirical and data-driven decisions based on the data. The this is, these systems have previously been out of reach for many due to the high costs.

These costs typically come from:

  • Expensive PLC boards,
  • Specialized maintenance technicians
  • Man-hours performing slow, machine-by-machine data collection

All of these barriers to implementing PMP can be lowered with the TRAKKER system. Bringing in elements from Automation Control and Vibration Analysis, TRAKKER was created specifically to address the needs of the facility operator.

How Trakker Works

The system runs from a normal Windows-based PC with MS Office that you probably already own.

The software interfaces with our series of circuit boards including the Hound, Owl and Smart-Board. The Boards receive data from sensors placed directly on your machinery components. Everything is monitored and all data logged is stored on the PC. Automation programs and logic (if this, do that) can be easily set up with no complicated coding or prior programming knowledge necessary.

Once everything is wired up, you'll get an accurate picture of exactly how efficient your facility is working at any given time. You can see what machines are running well and which ones should be serviced in the near future — all without any guess work involved.

When you buy the system, we set it up for you and give you a walkthrough of how to program the logic using the software.

Trakker helps you to...

Reduce Repair Costs

Make adjustments or change worn parts to machinery during planned times, rather than after a machine failure that stops production.

Lower Power Consumption

Through the ongoing analysis of operating data - The Trakker system appropriately controls equipment to save power whenever possible.

Minimize Unplanned downtime

Reduce unexpected equipment and manufacturing system problems. Reclaim wasted production time and man-hours performing repairs.

Avert Human fallibility

Avoid costly malfunctions caused by rote repetition, oversight, or simple laziness on the part of human employees.

Make Intelligent Decisions

Use data and empirical evidence to decide when to do maintenence, replace components or upgrade systems without guess work.

The TRAKKER Product Family

Learn More about the Boards and the Software here:

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