Software Trakker System – CMMS, DAQ, SCADA

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 with Office 10

Power and Physical Setup

The computer running Trakker needs to run 24/7 in order to log data and send notifications or alerts. For this reason it is suggested to run on a dedicated machine in a secure location where it will not be unplugged or tampered with. Things like surge protection and APC battery backups with also add to reliability of the system.


  • Up to 400 items can be turned on and/or off (lights, bells, etc)
  • Remote monitoring and control of the system can be enabled through Logmein, gotomyPC or other virtual desktop services.
  • All program info is stored in memory – no more programming individual PLC’s
  • 99 boards can run on a single loop (254 if we use HEX) and each board can turn 16 devices on and off 720 times a day


Text messages, Emails and or flash messages can be send at high/low set points.

Data Export

Trakker’s logged data can be exported via read-only files to Excel for graphing (on a selected basis)