Automation Control

Eliminate waste from your system. Wasted electricity, downtime, and maintenance tasks done for the sake of preventing problems. By letting Trakker handle monitoring and analysis of the sensor data you’ll know exactly when to act.

Here’s how you build profit

It’s all about NEED. Does that machine need to be on all the time? How much money would be saved if it wasn’t? How much power does it really require? How much longer would its lifespan be if it could turn itself off once and a while?

Building/Facility Management

A large part of maintaining any kind of building involves doing things according to a schedule. Changing filters, fixing leaks, replacing equipment after a set number of hours.

A lot of this is done blindly and according to rough guesses – no one knows when equipment is going to break, a filter is going to get completely clogged, or if a motor is running hotter than it should. A building manager has a lot to do, and a lot of decisions to make – some things are bound to fall through the cracks.

The Hound and the Owl will save money by augmenting those employee eyes that have, for years, conducted equipment and operating system checks on a pre-determined schedule. Every two hours, they go to the boiler room, or up to the roof, or to the mechanical room, and up and down the production lines to examine gauges, record data, and draw upon their experience to predict downtime or add items to a maintenance schedule. The net effect is that equipment and systems are added to maintenance schedule when they are operating quite properly, and other items are omitted and as a result they malfunction and result in production interrupts (nothing ever seems to break down when it is being watched)

Changing Demands

When the maintenance men cost only $20,000 to $25,000 per year a facility could afford to have several on each shift making rounds and examining gauges and guessing which items needed to fit into the next preventative maintenance schedule.

However, now that the man costs and burden are approximately $60,000 per man, most facilities have been forced to cut back on the size of their maintenance army and the result is greater maintenance costs and more lost production time.

The TRAKKER system doesn't avoid going to the roof in the middle of a storm, or because it's too hot, too cold, too busy, on break, etc. The Smart Boards collect their data every second or so and continuously act to correct the event and to notify the appropriate personnel.