Automation for HVAC Systems

Intelligent Building Management – Monitoring HVAC systems to save money

There is a large government building in Montgomery, Alabama that has a very large HVAC system to filter, heat, and air condition various rooms in the over 200000’ sq facility. To change the filters in the ducts – it costs a whopping 54000 dollars to change them all at once according to historical data. That’s a lot of tax dollars – and it could work harder.

The Trakker solution

By installing the Trakker system with pressure gauges in various points in the ductwork both before and after the filtration media, measurements can be taken and they no longer have to change the media according to a set schedule.

But can’t I just have the technician look at them to see if they are dirty? Yes, but why bother him? He costs money – he isn’t a 1 time fee like Trakker, he has bills to pay like you. He is your bill.

The Trakker knows when it is exactly time to change your filters – no more guess work involved. It will know when it costs more money (power use) to push air through the ductwork against the resistance caused by dirty filtration media. It will maintain efficiency by telling you to replace just the filter in question. The airflow sensors and pressure transducers get the most value out of the filters throughout their lifespan. It really adds up in savings over time.


  • Timer control (on/off to a set schedule)
  • Hysteresis commands to oscillation or repeated activation-deactivation cycles
  • Alarms: High point, low point has been reached, connection broken somewhere between the PC, card, input point (sensor)
  • Notifications: Email, SMS text message, horns, lights etc.