Owl Board – Vibration Monitoring and Automation Control


16 Analog Inputs 0 to 5Vdc
16 Digital Inputs On or off 5Vdc
16 485 Inputs 0 to 5Vdc (3 Axis Vib/Temp sensors)
16 Wireless Inputs 0 to 5Vdc (any/all sensors)
16 Analog Outputs 0 to 10Vdc (VFD controls)
16 Digital Outputs 0 to 10Vdc
  • Coil voltage may be 12vdc, 24Vdc, 24Vac, or 120Vac or some combination

The latest version of the OWL board is designed as an add-on to our HOUND board, to be modular and give more functionality to your HOUND setup.

The Smart Board “Owl” and the “Analog-Out Board” takes the concept one step further as it provides for the input of 16 analog signals, 16 input digital signals, 16 - 485 inputs for complex vibration data reception, 16 output digital signals and 16 analog output VFD control signals (0-10Vdc - PID).


System Capabilities

The maximum number of Owl boards (254) at full capacity will be able to receive 4064 analog inputs and 4064 input digital signals , 4064 digital output signals, 5080 485complex vibration data reception points, and 5080 output 485 VFD control signals.

The operating software platform supports the OWL in a manner that allows the grouping to range from 52 inputs and 36 outputs (one board) or some multiple of 254 times the one board