About Trakker Data Acquisition and Control

Trakker Inc. has been involved in the testing, building, and software development of automation and monitoring systems since the mid 1990's. The company was started by Butch Foster, two electronics engineers, two programmers and a chip doctor that chooses and programs the various chips that TRAKKER employs.

The various Smart boards, including the Hound and the OWL as well as the various sensors were engineered and tested by the various principles in TRAKKER and the Boards and sensors are stuffed (mounted) and tested by Brundidge Electronics Corporation  (BEC) - www.becelectronics.com ).  The manufacturing arrangement with BEC has a number of benefits to TRAKKER and it’s customers as BEC is owned and operated by Dr. Johnny Wright.

Special software and private label electronics are designed, developed, and tested by the principles.

Marketing is handled by a number of Manufacturer’s reps

We are headquartered in Troy, Alabama.